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Colorway #darkdiningroom  (at Wistariahurst Museum)
Setting up for #darkdiningroom with @gregsaulmon (at Wistariahurst Museum)
Appreciation. Thanks, LCC. (at Yankee Pedlar Inn)
Ready for tonight’s Dark Dining Room show! Thanks, Paradise Copies.  (at Paradise Copies)
Selfie Larsen and The Documents (at Holyoke Transportation Center)

Like a moth to a flame. (Last night around midnight) (at Times Square)

Big apple. (at Merkle NYC)
Good morning, NYC
On my way to NYC today. (at Windsor Locks Train Station (WNL))
Bowlin’ (at Fun Time Lanes)
Congrats to my co-conspirator @gregsaulmon on last night’s #darkdiningroom show.
Setting up for Saturday’s Dark Dining Room show. (at Wistariahurst Museum)
Crooked car
DustBuster PLUS?! People were so fancy in the 80s
Ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner in this awesome house today. (at Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats)